Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ember Plum on Hollywood Rootstock.  5.19.15
 The grafts are growing like crazy.  A couple of container apples on salvaged rootstock are not growing, but everything else is really growing.

Most of the bud grafts from last summer have about the same amount of growth as whip / tongue grafts from this late winter.
Hanska Plum, Top Grafted Onto Unknown Plum.  5.19.15

I've started removing some of the wrappings.  It doesn't seem to be girdling anything yet.  From the couple that I removed, doing so does not appear to have caused harm.
LaCrescent Plum Top-grafted Onto Unknown Plum.  5.19.15

Hollywood Plum Grafted Onto Toka.  Bud graft from 2014.  5.19.15

Fedco Apple Grafts.  5.19.15


  1. I've kill one of my graft. Calville Blanc d'hiver was unwrapped and on a very windy day it was detached and felled off. There was a lot of leaves on this 3/4 ft graft and the union was weak only some 3mm attachment and at the very end of a cleft graft. Judging from the healthy foliage I thought I was home free but sadly I lost it. I have some tape wrap on the outside of the parafilm so I though I better undo the tape and let the parafilm behind but the tape took the parfilm with it so I don't think the graft was that well done and if I would have better let it be for a much longer time I would still have it. Ouch lesson learned.

  2. It's hard for me to judge when to unwrap. I think they can grow a long shoot before girdling is a risk. If the tape had some give to it, the stem might stretch it a fair amount too. Sorry you lost your graft, but at least it grew a while - that's progress,