Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fig, Persimmon,Progress Report. 5.30.15

Container Figs.  5.130.15
 Container figs all have thick mulch of chopped fir tree.  Some are doing better than others.  I've snapped off the growing tips, for branches of 4 or more leaves, to stimulate fig development.  For in-ground fig row south of house, I've done the same for side branches but allowed the central leaders to continue.

Persimmons.  The 2 trees in 3rd leaf, and the American Persimmon in 1st leaf, are all growing vigorously.  Nikita's Gift and Yates' flower buds persist. Chances are they will fall off, but I watch anyway.   All have protection from deer and rodents, and all have thick grass clipping mulch.  All have been given pee-cycling fertilizer, and all have been given extra water.

American Persimmon "Yates".  5.30.15

Hybrid Persimmon "Nikita's Gift"  5.30.15
 Pawpaws.   The three in 3rd leaf are growing well. "Sunflower" 3 fruit embryo / one flower, persists.  All have had doses of pee-cycling fertilizer, diluted 1:10, and all have been given extra water.  All have thick layers of grass clipping mulch, and nearby grass/weeds are removed.

Pawpaw "Mango", in first leaf, looks great.  That too, has been given the spa treatment, with  diluted pee, grass clipping mulch, protective fencing, and weed/grass clearance.
Kaki Persimmon "Saijo".  5.30.15
Pawpaw trees @ 3rd Leaf.  5.30 15


  1. How are your paw paws doing? I want to grow them so badly here. I've got a few plants but unsure if I should plant them or keep them in their containers. I live in Renton WA

  2. Ben,
    No fruit this year. I am not surprised. I planted the oldest three in summer 2012, so they are only 3 years in the ground here. I had my hopes up. So now I just want to encourage growth, keep them weeded and mulched, and water when needed.

    I have never tried growing pawpaws in containers. I think that's an option because you could get a slightly longer season out of them and the warmer soil might help them grow faster.