Sunday, May 03, 2015

Apple Grafting Progress Report. 5.3.15

Whip / Tongue with Parafilm.  Columnar Apple.   Two months after grafting.   5.3.15

Whip / Tongue Graft on Columnar Apple.  Two months after grafting.   4.3.15
I grafted a 2nd columnar apple onto 1-year-old growth of another variety of columnar apple, at end of February. 

Not being familiar with Parafilm, I have tried a couple of methods.  For this graft, I used Parafilm and no other material, to wrap the graft.  It was a good fit, and I did not need a tighter material.

Now, 2 months later, the graft has taken, and the join has expanded to the point where the Parafilm wrapping is torn wide open.

At the lower end, a stock bud grew through the parafilm.  That also happened at the terminal aspect of the wrapping.

Since the graft has taken, is strong, and the wrap is no longer holding anything together, I removed the rest of the Parafilm.  That is probably not necessary, since it looks like the tree can stretch it to breakage, by itself.

This graft took very well.  The scion is growing nicely.  There is no open wound.


  1. I like the parafilm which is also new to me too. I think I need to wrap around the graft joint several times more because the ones that I thought took fell off. It was sad; I lost the Old Fashion Red Delicious and Empire but I have a second empire graft which took. All the stock part of the graft have hardly coming out of dormancy. The potted plants have the stock part leaving first while the plants in the ground is doing the opposite the scion part leaving out first. This season is so dry all plant behaving out of wack.

  2. I wish I could show you in person how I do it. Not that I am expert, Im not. But all of my scion from Maine (Fedco) took and are growing. The last was Granite Beauty which I thought did not take but started budbreak this weekend. Maybe I'm getting better with experience. Keep trying, the more you do it the better you become.