Sunday, May 03, 2015

Plum Grafting. Progress Report. 5.3.15

Ember Plum.  Whip Tongue Graft at 43 days.  5.3.15
Ember grafted onto Hollywood at 41 days.   Growing rapidly.  The rootstock was bent, so this tree will need staking to grow more vertically.  Not a problem.

I have not removed the wrapping yet.  Probably could.  I the growth is this advanced, I'm convinced the graft has fully merged and healed.  Leaving the wrapping in place for strength.   Remove at about 6 inches of growth.  We are close to that.

All I read about the need to bud graft plums was wrong.   I did 6 whip / tongue, using 3 varieties, and all took.  This is good.  Many of the bud grafts need more than 1/2 year to start growing.  The whip / tongue grafts are growing fast, a few weeks after grafting.


  1. Thanks for sharing this info. All my plum grafts failed. I think the scion was too small and thin therefore lining up the cambium layer became a challenge.

  2. Plum scion is smaller and thinner than most apple or pear. They do bud graft very easily. In my area that''s June July August. If you have a scion source in summer, you can tey T-budding. Someone local there might know when is the best time,