Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Effect of trimming tree seedling roots, ginkgo biloba. 5.19.15

The ginkgo seedling on the left, is the same age as the other two.  I was unable to dig it up with intact roots, last fall.  It had almost no roots.  I kept it potted, and did not prune the top.  The other two were smaller, and I was able to dig the roots intact.

The two with intact roots are growing fast, with elongating main stem and large leaves.  The one with almost no roots, survived, but growth is very limited.  The limitation of roots has resulted in limitation of leaf size and stem elongation.  It will be interesting to see if it catches up, this year or next year.

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  1. Most of the seed I got is sterile? They didn't sprout. Maybe I should just toss them out into the ground and let fend for themself. Your little seedling is so nice. I don't see seedlings under parent trees otherwise I would dig them up too.