Saturday, May 03, 2014

Irises. 5.3.14

Iris Beds #2 and #3.  5.3.14
 Now we are past some 80 degree weather.  I am hoping the bearded iris beds have taken their damage and the present iris clusters will recover.  The leaf fans appear firm and new leaves are growing.  I lost a few completely, as far as I can tell:  Gingersnap, Frost and Flame, and Deity.

This seems to be the blue / white  / purple stage.  Given the bacterial rot damage to leaf fans, I'm glad I grew bulbs in the iris beds.  The alliums and camassias look nice, with colors that complement the current iris flowers.
Iris florentina.  5/3/14

Iris "Red Zinger".  5.3.14
 Cherry Garden is tiny and the flowers are not rain durable.  I have 4 clusters.  I think I will narrow them down to 1 cluster.  They were not damaged by bacterial rot.

The Iris florentina is quite elegant and has a beautiful fragrance.

The Iris pallida dalmatica was not at all affected by bacterial rot.  It is quite tall, and also beautiful fragrance.

The Iris pallida variegata was also not at all affected by bacterial rot.  Not blooming yet.  Much smaller than the nonvariegated version.

Red Zinger is striking, but small.  This would be a good selection for elevated setting or elevated container.  Fragrance is amazing.  I am not good at describing fragrances, but it is truly elegant.  Just hard to get to, because the plant is miniature.  Red Zinger was from a dried out rhizome I thought was dead, from sale rack, planted winter 2012/2013.  Last year it did not bloom but spread nicely.  Disease resistance seems fairly good.

Iris germanica looks more true to a wildflower heritage.  The fragrance is pleasant.  Disease resistance seems fairly good.

More to bloom soon.

Iris germanica.  5.3.14

Iris dalmatica.  5.3.14


  1. Daffodil's Mom1:03 PM


    Where did you get your Pallida Dalmatica? I had it for years and then lost it to some English ivy, and now I can't find any anywhere!

    I'll be eternally grateful if you know a source -- not the variegated, the tall, beautiful, wonderful scented Dalmatica!

    Thank you so much,

    Nancy Horn
    Watsontown, PA

  2. Nancy, it was from I agree, this iris is very beautiful, tall, very fragrant, long bloom time. Old House Gardens ships in late winter / early spring, but that seems to work OK.