Thursday, May 08, 2014

Bearded Irises In Bloom. 5.18.14

Bearded Iris Pallida dalmatica.  5.8.14

Bearded Iris Indian Chief.  5.8.14

Bearded Iris "Her Majesty".  5.8.14

Bearded Iris "Red Zinger".  5.8.14

Front flower bed.  Yellow iris is an old no-ID variety.


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Oh my goodness! Your "lesson learned" regarding a loose belt in combination with the natural curiosity of the honeybee is such a funny read! I imagine the humor of it didn't strike you until the effects of the sting wore off ... :)

    That said, i must have missed the post where you spoke of being ill. I'm so sorry to hear that. Being out in nature (which you obviously are a great deal) can be very therapeutic i've found ...

    I did a little write up of our experiences with backyard beekeeping for a gardening blog i participate in every Saturday. I thought you might like to read it, but i should warn you - at its core, it's a political web site. Enter at your own risk (or should i say, tighten your belt or you may get stung!). :)

    Here's the url ...

  2. Thanks for the link to your bee blog. It was nice reading. Certainly much more professional than this humble garden diary and informal "research notebook" here.

    Because people from my work world read this, I don't post about my illness. It's probably obvious to most anyway. But that was part of getting my butt stung. Even though I work too hard and am always tired, I feel profoundly fortunate to have the insurance and medication I need. Just hard to get through the day sometimes.

    Don't worry about Daily K. It's also on my RSS reader.

    Peace, and have fun with your bees. You did a great job with the hives and they are looking really settled in.

  3. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Thanks so much, Daniel! Your blog has been such a help. Especially since we're neighbors, so what you experience with your bees and with what you grow in your beautiful yard directly applies here. We have lots of figs also, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the meadow planting Ning has been doing. I'm going to try that technique this very year. It's brilliant!

    Cheers for now,