Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Historic Irises. 5.13.14

Heritage Iris Bed #2

Heritage Iris Bed #1

Mostly Heritage Irists

Heritage Iris "Indian Chief"

Heritage Iris "Loreley"

These aren't the best pics.  Forgot camera so used Ipad.  Now it's in the 70s and 80s. Much drier and warmer.  The onslaught of illness has abated.  These can be considered among the toughest and most resistant, simply because they survived and bloomed.

In Iris Bed #2, "Orange Harvest" looks out of place, so should be removed.  It is labeled as fragrant but I don't smell anything.

Caprice and Pallida dalmatica both have a grape soda fragrance.  Very nice.

The colors here are fairly true, but a little washed out.  That is effect of Ipad and it is very sunny.

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