Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bearded Irises. 5.11.14

 I'm happy there are still some bearded irises.  With each rain, another is lost.

Now that the rains are over, or almost over, I'm curious to see if the epidemic is over.

Alcazar bloomed.  I'm surprised and glad.  Slight fragrance, nice.

Quaker Lady is not as prolific as year #1, but at least it survived.  Slight fragrance, nice.

Gracchus is very vigorous, small, and appears more disease resistant compared to a number of others.  Slight fragrance, nice.

The unknown from Tennessee  survived and bloomed, which surprises me.

The yellow iris that came with this place, and is all over the property, is blooming much better this year.  All I did was weed, and give a little very dilute fish emulsion last summer.  It did not succomb to bacterial rot, so I think it must be quite rugged.  No fragrance that I can detect.
Quaker Lady


Unknown from Tennessee

Yellow Unknown from Battleground

Yellow Unknown from Battleground

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