Saturday, May 03, 2014

Four O'Clocks / Mirabilis. 5.3.14

Mirabilis seedlings.  5.3.14
The transplanted four o'clocks / Mirabilis jalapa are growing nicely.  The plants in Battleground have hail damage.  Despite torn leaves they look viable.  I planted several in deck containers in Vancouver.  They seem to take off and grow much faster, with more root room.

Some have some sun damage from the high 80s weather but they still look good.  So far, so good.

More seedlings to plant.  The lessons learned so far:

1.  Pre-soak the seeds for 24 hours.  Possibly up to 48 hours.
2.  They germinate much faster on a seed warming pad, and when placed between moist paper towels in a zip lock.  Germination is also almost 100% that way.  It's around 50% when germinated in seed medium on heating tray, and about 10% when germinated at room temp, even with presoaking.
3.  The seed medium should be left an inch or 2 below the container rim.  When they grow, they are floppy.  The extra space allows for more potting soil to be added on top, to help them stand upright.
4.  They don't seem to mind the cooler weather outside when planted.  The soil temp now is about 50 degrees.
5.  They are delicate.  Hail rips a lot of holes in the leaves.
6.  The variety "Marbles" seems to grow faster than the variety "Marvel of Peru".

Now to see if and when they bloom.

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