Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Four O'clocks. 5.20.14

Four O'clock Seedlings.  5.20.14
 Four O'clock / Mirabilis jalapa seedlings are growing nicely.

The seedlings in planters are growing fastest.  I don't know why expanding the root space helps so much, but there seems to be a rapid burst of growth, after transferring plants to larger container.  Even though the seedlings were not root bound.

The container is on North side of house.  It gets am and pm sun, and in summer will get full day sun.

I have planted several in containers and several in the ground at the Battleground place.

They are not anywhere close to blooming but with the current growth I am optimistic.

I think starting them ahead is helpful.    So far the Four O'clock experiment is looking good.
Four O'clock Seedlings.  5.20.14

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