Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Apple Grafting. Progress Report. 5/6/14

Apple graft, about 2 months.
 Here is another of the apple grafts.  This one is on a dwarf rootstock, that originated as a sucker off another tree.  It was crooked.  I don't think that will hurt anything in the long run.  A little zig zag just above ground level.

Looking at some of the grafting videos, there is risk of girdling if the wrapping isn't removed on time.  It's hard to identify when that is.  For a novice.  This was growing well above the graft, so I removed the wrapping.

The graft wound is well calloused.  It did not come loose.  It looks OK.

I also removed all new growth occurring on the rootstock, below the graft.

The last photo was via cellphone.  If I get a chance and remember, I'll replace it with a camera pic that is better focused.

Unwrapping the graft.  5.6.14

Apple graft.  Healed whip and tongue.  5.6.14 

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