Sunday, June 28, 2015

Walking Around. 6.28.15

Kniphofia.  6.28.15

First Zucchini of the Year.  6.28.15

Squash Vines Growing Huge.  6.28.15
 Lots of flowers blooming.   This Kniphofia is a named variety but I forget the name.   This is a one year old plant.  Bees are not going after the flowers.  The web info says they do, but my honeybees do not have internet access to read that.

This is the time of year when squash and corn grow really fast.  That zucchini must be one week after blooming.  It's always amazing how fast they develop.  I pollinated with a different squash variety, because the zucchini does not have male flowers yet.

First Tomatoes of the Year.   Sungold.  6.28.15
 Back when I planted the squash seeds I didn't have much energy and neglected to label them.  I am guessing the most vigorous is Pink Banana but it could easily be another type.  The vigor must be in part, due to the nitrogen boost I gave them, pee-cycling.  Ditto for the corn.  It's been 1:4 dilution, about every 3 weeks, over a 100 sq foot are.

Sungold is the first tomato this year.  They are so sweet.  Others have their first tomatoes growing rapidly.

I'm glad I planted nasturtium seeds this year.  They are very rewarding.  The leaves are very distinctive and tasty in salads, peppery flavor.  No pests.  All of the types are nice, this one is from a mix.   In full sun, some varieties get a little sunburn on the leaves.  That does not seem  to hurt anything.  When seeds start to set, I intend to save seeds for next year.

Nasturtiums.  6.28.15
Trinity Sweet Corn, started in containers on  5.12.15.  6.28/15


  1. Your corn looks good. I can't grow any because once it gets fertilize the baby corn cob will be eaten right away even before the kernels are form. All my second set of peas are eaten by rats. The last batch of fava were also eaten. Doesn't matter they are done already just a small amount left for seeds.

  2. I hate to say it, but I put out some rat poison. I worry they might spread disease. I don't want carnivores to eat poisoned rodents, so I hope they meet their demise in their tunnels and dens.

  3. I do have poison inside my garage. They chew up my exterior wall between me and my two neighbors. 75 % of all houses in SF fit right next to each other and there's a pesky 1 in space in between the houses and this is the terrible flaw in the house designs. I've seen them ate the bait inside the house and look sick walking outside around in daylight in my garden. I've this cat that visit my garden all the time and I don't want her to eat the poison rat. I wouldn't want to touch the rat chew food either so no sweet corn until I got a better plan.

  4. I don't like using the poison either. At least with mice, they seem to die and dry up in places where animals will not eat them. I don't know about rats. I also don't want the hawks or owls to eat a poisoned rodent. On the other hand, they get into our pantry, and poop and pee in the food. Which I don't like either.