Sunday, June 07, 2015

Walking Around. Vegetables. 6.7.15

Corn and Squash Bed.  6.7.15
Walking Around.

Corn and Squash are growing nicely.  Squash includes winter squash, summer squash, zucchinis, and pumpkins.  So are the beans, and tomatoes.  Peppers are OK, we might get some.

Ning's garden is ahead of mine.  He's proving to be a great gardener.

I've left this bed un-mulched, so the sun warms the soil.  Then it requires some hoeing.  As long as I don't let the weeds grow beyond small seedlings, it's easy.

The corn and squash have been boosted via pee-cycling.  I think that's why they are so green and lush and growing so fast.


  1. I'm slightly ahead of your zone. Have been harvesting zuks. The yellow ones have a big plant but produce small squash. I only planted Indian corn this yr because the mice have eaten all sweet corn last yr at both locations. My other half is crazy about begonias but not so much on the tuberous kind. I've about 5 african violets so between her and me the indoor garden is pretty much no room for anything else. My cousin sends me some exotic pepper seeds such as the Brazilian Star Fish and Ghost Chilli, I don't think they can be grown outside. I baby them and maybe I can get a pepper here and there indoors. Raining here for the first time in like 6 mos; we are in a terrible drought.

  2. Lance, I imagine you would be about a month ahead of us here. I'll be exited to get some summer squash. They are so good and so productive. No blooms yet but they look like they are close.

    Did the mice eat your corn plants, or the seeds? I can see starting them in containers if they just eat the seeds. If it's the plants, then it's a challenge.

    Glad you got some rain! Here in the Northwest, the rainy season is about over now, but we have not suffered from the drought that California has.