Sunday, June 14, 2015

Container Garden and Nursery. 6.13.15

Container Tree Nursery.  6.13.15

El Dorado Peach in Container.  6.13.15
 It's getting into the hotter sunnier season.  For container plants, that means more protection and more water.

Previously I took temperatures of container soil with and without reflective foil.  The foil reduced the temperature by roughly 15 degrees.  That was during hot sunny weather.  Based on that information, I've wrapped the 2 to 5 gallon containers with aluminum foil, shiny side out.  I may need to do that with the larger containers as well.

One or  two of the ginkgos may be used as rootstock to propagate my backyard ginkgo tree.  The plums may also be rootstock for next year's scion.  The dwarf peach seedling, I might use as rootstock or might just let it grow.  Without a non-dwarfed peach rootstock, it might never become a tree shape.  In a container, that's fine.  I prefer the compact shape.

I probably should have thinned the peaches better.   But, they are looking good.

I pinched the fig tree branch tips a couple weeks back.  They are responding with figs at the leaf axils.

Nagami kumquat - greening up.  No flowers.

Meyer lemon - lots of flowers.
Container Fig Trees.  6.13.15
 Swiss Chard - we've been eating some in stir fry every day.  It's been a rewarding container crop.
Nagami Kumquat.  6.13.15
Swiss Chard.  6.13.15

Meyer Lemon.  6.13.15


  1. No rain really sucks. Looking at your little nursery makes me envious. I think my fig cuttings would have done so much better if there's more rain. I would be lucky if I get half to take. I transplanted some into the ground. Container plant needs more water and I do not have that. Some days are so hot it needs to be water 2X and I have to be at work and not able to give it proper care. Moving everything in the shade is not optional, they won't root in the shade.

  2. Do you use your greywater? Is it legal?
    You are right, container plants do require more water. I try to conserve, but I know they go through a lot of water. Here that is not so important, not like California. But I try anyway.