Sunday, June 28, 2015

Daylilies. 6.28.15

Chicago Apache.  6.28.15
 Some of the larger daylilies are coming into their own now.  They bloom a few flowers at a time, so they last a long time.

I bought Chicago Apache in 2012.  The cluster has enlarged nicely and is growing strong.  The flowers have sgtong substance and the color is great.

Somehow I've accumulated a number of varieties.

Ice Carnival has been in that spot for 2 years.  I blooms a long time, and looks like the label.  A pale, lemonade yellow.   Those flowers also have a nice strong substance.

Ice Carnival.   6.28.15
Daring Deception does not look like its label.  I was at Lowes this week, and their rack of this variety was in bloom.  They were all purple, not pink.  I saw a few images on the internet in the purple, although most are pink.  I wonder if, as it's in the location longer, the purple color will concentrate more in the center eye, and the petals will be pink.  The effect could be soil nutrition, pH, sun, hot day, cool night, or the pink on the label is just marketing.  I probably would have bought the purple version, but it's not what I thought I was getting.
Daring Deception.  6.28.15

Frans Hals.  6.28.15
Frans Hals is looking kind of nice, even if it's not even similar to the label and internet images.  The center eye effect is nice.  I also wonder what will happen to this one as it settles in.

More to follow.  Some older ones, unlabeled, or rescues, are also doing nicely.


  1. Daring Deception? LOL wow and you bough it still? It told you out right it won't come true to name. The purple gene is more dominate then the pink gene so the pink disappear/covered up. Its the same case in dahlia. I have a white with purple streaks, some yr it will be all purple, no white and then some yrs half and half very freaky. Still a nice interesting daylily it may still revert back hopefully.
    See here is the plain wrong dahlia that creeps up from nowhere one day

    Here is the true to label variety of what it suppose to look like which is a predominantly a white flower with purple streaks, not purple

    By the way your zuk looks good. I'm already in the giving away mode.
    My peaches is still small. Apple did poorly this yr with out a good rain, things are very dry here and we got a water usage warning from the water dept we lost water credit and will be bill at a higher cost if we go over the quota which will translate to higher then gas rate. All my gardener friend is living in fear and hope the season will turn out OK because we just can't stop cold turkey just not planting anything new. No new tree for now.

  2. It's a good thing they don't have a daylily called "Easily duped". Still, it's a nice color and is growing on me. Who knows, if your dahlia example is an indication, they could be pink next year.

    I was speculating, these are probably tissue culture. Maybe in the tissue culture process they lost the bigger petals and the pink color. Regardless, it adds some variety to my boprder.

    Another zuk today! Squashes are growing like crazy!

    I don't know what I would do in your shoes, when it comes to water. There are some solar based devices for collecting water from the air. I imagine at a garden-level, they would be way to expensive and might take a lot of room. Graywater? Only good for so much water, too.