Sunday, June 07, 2015

Walking Around. Flowers. 6.7.15

Tuberous begonias.  6.7.15
 Walking around.  A lot of plants that I started much earlier are showing progress.  We are past the Spring bloom, and not quite into the summer bloom.  Since I usually don't buy flowers already in bloom, there is a wait while they are growing.  I like it that way.  By growing plants from seeds, or starts, or tubers, or bulbs, or  divisions, I feel like I am more of a gardener.  I can follow their life cycle, and see them either flourish, or remain or dwindle.

I planted the tuberous begonias about 2 months ago.  Some are just beginning to grow, others a few weeks.  I thought some were dead but they all came up.  Today they got a little flower plant food.

I planted a historic daylily into the front border.  This area by default is becoming a bed for rescued daylilies.  I don't have the names for most of them.

Rescued Daylily Bed.  6.7.15

Small Yellow Daylily.  6.7.15

First nasturtium.  6.7.15

Second Year Growth, Four O'Clock.  6.7.15

Four O'clock Seedlings.  6.7.15

In Ning's Meadow.  6.7.15
Milkweed Seedlings.  Asclepias syriaca.  6.7.15

Zantedeschia.  6.7.5
Most of the daylilies are just starting to bloom

The nasturtiums have opened their first flowers.  The leaves are nice and succulent.  The leaves have a delicious peppery flavor.

Four O'clock seedlings are starting to grow.  There are also volunteer seedlings.

Four O'clocks that were close to the house, survived the winter.  Re-growth started late, but they are very stout and vigorous, and quickly passed the new seedlings in size and vigor.

Zantedeschia are in a shady area.  Most are in their first year.  I have one container of Zantedeschias that I've grown for about 25 years.  That older one is not blooming yet.

Milkweed / Asclepias syriaca are growing slower than I expected.  Maybe as summer heats up they will take off.  I don't expect them to bloom this year.

Ning's meadow is looking beautiful, full of flowers and pollinating insects.


  1. Your different color calla lily is really nice. I have a pink one that comes back every yr. Ning's meadow is colorful and the dragonfly in the photo makes it even more interesting. I have a question about peony; do you have to dig out the root to store them like dahlias in winter or leave them in the ground. And for my zone in CA, do you think they will even flower? I have only seen some in the park and they are not very thrifty. No one that I know have them here in the city.

  2. Some callas survive in the ground here and come back each year. I don't know about these. I grow them in containers so I can give them more TLC. In the fall, I let them dry out and store them in the garage, without digging them out of the container. In late winter, I bring them back out, water, and they come back very nicely.

    Interestingly, dahlias survive the winter here in-ground. Or some do. Some don't. We have dahlias that came back even after the coldest winter in local history.

    The peonies survive the winter in-ground. There are even peonies that survive the midwest winters.

    I don't know how peonies would do in your area. They might need a cold winter.