Saturday, June 20, 2015

Walking Around. 6.20.15

Monarda.  6.20.15
 Another walk around the yard.   Some nice stuff blooming.  The Monarda was planted in 2012.  Becoming a nice clump.  I found one tiny daylily from a group of roots I planted early this year.  I thought they were dead.  It's either Playground or Strawberry Candy, if labeled correctly.   It has a tiny flower bud.  Kniphofia is cool just for the name.  Planted this one last year.  Starting to come into its own.  According to Wikipedia, they produce large amounts of nectar and attract bees.  My bees are yet to discover it.

This was the year of heritage flower seedlings.  The marigolds have the typical marigold pungent smell. 

The Callistemon critinus was at Lowes a couple of months ago.  I bought it on impulse.  Hummingbirds liked the flowers, a lot.  Now it seems to be growing.  I don't know what to expect - just new growth, or flowers. 
Tiny Daylily Start.  6.20.15

Various plants in front bed.  Featuring Kniphofia.  6.20.15

Front walk with marigolds and nasturtiums.  6.20.15

Calistemon citrinus / bottlebrush.  6.20.15

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