Saturday, March 14, 2015

Indoor plants. Propagating geraniums. 3.14.15

Yellow clivia.  3.14.15

Crassula argenta 14 years old.  3.14.15
 Ning discovered that his clivias are blooming.  This one was grown from seed, from a plant that was grown from seed.  At the time that was sold as "Sahin's yellow" but this being next generation, the variety name may not apply.  Clivias like storage dry and cool for the winter, until they send up flowers.

I repotted the Crassula argenta.  This one  is 14 years old.  It likes the conservatory - like environment of the sunroom.
Geranium scraps for cuttings.  3.14.15

Geranium cuttings in water.  3.14.15
I picked up some geranium scraps from the overwintered plants that I cleaned up last week, pruned of torn or dead parts, and placed them in water.  That often works.  If it does not work, they are free so nothing lost.  Several of my geranium plants were started that way.  The water should be changed every few days, and the plants potted when there are a few roots growing.


  1. The yellow Clivia is very nice, rather rare, I've not seen one before. My other half likes them too but the orange one we have didn't bloom this yr. We're trying to grow Shark fin melon this yr. Bough some seed but planted too early and thought they were bad seeds which sitting dormant in the tray for more then a whole month. Now its sprouting.

  2. The original seed was rather expensive, from Park's seeds, in about 2000 or 2001. I think it took a few years to bloom. Since then I have saved seeds that were either direct descendents of the original yellow, or hybrid with orange. This one seems more pale than the original.

    I will have to google on Shark Fin Melon. I don't know that one. Interesting name.

  3. Its very rewarding to grow things from seeds. Especially from seeds that you saved again and again. Shark Fin Mellon is related to the Spaghetti squash. The flesh will fall apart like strings when cooked. Its rather translucent and have an el dente texture, similar to the texture of shark fins in shark fin soup. It tasted very mild, and I cooked with chicken stock, garlic and mushroom to give it some flavor.

  4. Sounds great!
    I agree about seeds. Great way to try new plants, especially beyond what is available into he live plant trade.