Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fig Progress Report. 3.28.15

Brunswick Fig Brebas.  3.28.15
Update on Battleground fig trees.

Brunswick - This was a ~11 year old tree grown from local cutting, moved to the Battleground place 3 1/2 years ago.  Last year there was about 6 inches of new growth.  I am not encouraging a lot of growth, because I want it to have strong, durable, fully lignified branches before start of winter.  This is the most breba it's had since moving it, and maybe before that.  This tree usually drops its brebas.  Wait and see.

Newer fig trees -

Atreano survived its second winter.  The first winter it was killed to ground, and regrew.  This tree is considered more cold hardy than some others.  Now I can consider it well established.

Petite aubique - looks dead.  I give up.  Replace with one of the container trees.  I'm thinking, Dominick.   Maybe the other Atreano.

Tiger.  Survived and growing.  This one was covered with trash can for the winter.

Carini.  Survived and growing.  Also covered.

Sal's.  Unsheltered.  Survived and growing.  Has grown slowly, but minimal die back each winter.

Planted in-ground late winter, after sheltering in shed:  King, Lattarula, Hardy Chicago, Dominick.  All growing.

Anxious for them to get bigger.  I did pee-cycle limited amount, twice, in the fig tree row.  Need to be careful not to overdo it, don't want growth that is rank and not able to survive next winter.

Container fig trees - all starting to grow.  Champagne has lots of brebas, Tiger has a few too.

The good thing - almost all survived winter, and growing.  The sole casualties, in-ground:  Champagne (unsheltered), Petite aubique (sheltered) and Smith (sheltered)

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