Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fruit Tree Blooming. 3.22.15

Unknown - Green Gage? - Plum in bloom.   3.22.15
In Vancouver fruit trees that have finished blooming. 
Shiro and Hollywood Plums.   Genetic Dwarf Peaches.
Fruit trees starting to bloom.  Sweet Cherries.

In Battleground, fruit trees that have finished blooming.
Older unknown Asian Plum.
Young unknown Asian Plum
 Crimson Pointe cerasifera plum.
All peaches almost done.  Indian Free is the last.
At its peak:   Toka plum
Starting to bloom.
Asian pears.
Sweet cherries.

Most apples have visible flower buds but not near opening yet.
Pawpaw buds starting to swell.
Shan Zha.  flower buds are visible.
Tart cherries.  flower buds are visible.

Growth buds are swelling on all 3 persimmons, but not near open leaves yet.

Pourin rain for next few days.  That could impact pollination.

Battery is dead.  Will need to finish in 2 days.

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Toka Plum in Bloom.  3.22.15

Hosui Asian Pear.  3.22.15

Unknown Asian Pear.  3.22.15


  1. I'm grafting an ornamental cherry on an unknown stock which I thought was another cheery. But someone came by and told me it looks like a pear because the flowers seem so small. And then another gardener came along and chime in saying its a plum. Well the leaves look more like plum then pear. If I graft a cherry on a plum then it won't work would it? This will be the last time I'll try this combination.
    My symna qunice cutting took.
    So I have a brain storm to root more quince cutting and graft apples on them. If that works which I think won't be too hard I'll have lots of little apple trees of choice varieties.
    Fail reports: Bubble Gum, and Gariota plum fail because on top of the tape I put sealer on it, and you know what it did? Pull the tape wide off the graft part and it was wide open when I found it all dead and dried up. When the sealer dry up it lifted the tape. Bad idea.

  2. Lance, even the long-term old timer experts on grafting have grafts that don't take. You are doing great!

    I cherry might or might not grow on a plum. I think it's considered a long shot. There ARE cherry/plum hybrids, such as Sweet Treat Pluerry, and Nadia cherry/plum hybrid, so they are genetically close enough for rare hybridizing, but as far as grafting, I have not read about many successes. There are some websites that claim you can do it.

    Sorry your Bubble Gum did not take. I have it under it's prior name of Toka - very tasty. I don't know what Gariota is like.

    I'm impressed that your quince cutting struck. Quince is on my "some day I'll try it" list.

  3. Quince is an exceptionally ornamental tree/bush. The flower is somewhat like an apple but wider, bigger petals and cup a little. The leaves is thick and the whole plant is cover with fuzz. If you or someone is allergic to the plant fuzz, don't grow it. The fruit have a wonder fragrance. If you graft a quince on an apple and then graft a plum on top of that it will take. Quince is use in between 2 "long shots" candidates. I saw that you grow plums from cuttings too, so I got a piece that I may try.
    I started a gingko cutting during the winter and I forgot all about it and it was hiding in my flower cuttings. Looks like it took and I won't disturb it until I can see more growth on it because I think I tried that before and was calling it a success too early.

  4. I might add quince to next year's list. I will need to do some more research first. Depends on how long they take to come into production.