Sunday, August 31, 2014

Toka Plum-Apricot Hybrid. 8.31.14

Toka Plum/Apricot.  8.31.14

Toka Plum/Apricot 8.31.14

Toka Plum/Apricot  8.31.14
This is the 3rd fruit from the Toka Plum/Apricot.  I planted this tree 2 years ago, a potted tree on close-out from Home Depot.  This is the 1st year it has borne any fruit - not bad, nice to have a taste - and there were 3 fruits.

It took some time to identify the origin of Toka.  It is listed most places as a plum, sometimes described as "bubblegum plum" due to the complex, very sweet flavor.  I wouldn't call it "bubblegum", but the flavor is delightful.

According to

Growing Fruit in the Upper Midwest (Google eBook)

Front Cover
by Don Gordon, copyright 1991, this plum was developed in 1911 at the University of South Dakota.   Toka is the Sioux Indian word for "Adversity".  I imagine that is because of the tree's hardiness.  Other plums with the same lineage are Kanga and Hanska.  The book describes this fruit as a cross of 'native plum' and 'Chinese apricot' - which makes it a distant relative of both European and Asian plums, in a category all its own.  Toka, on the other hand, was designed with more adverse climates in mind, has a much longer period of experience in the US, and is way beyond patent so can be used in grafting.
I happened on this fruit completely by accident.  I suppose I should refer to it as a plum, but based on the flavor and the lineage, American plum/Chinese apricot hybrid would be a better description.
Wow, it's good. 
Toka is considered an excellent pollenizer for Euro and Asian plums.  I wonder, then, if hybridization would result in other interesting, hardy fruit.


  1. I'm a sucker for apricot but I can't grow them here. The flesh looks delicious!
    Your photo of the grafted apple looks like my poor little tree with heavy fruit hanging.
    Nice to have your first fruit. I was anticipated my first "Honey Crisp" it was worth the wait more juicy and more crips then any apple that I have ever tasted.

  2. My honeycrisp isn't ripe yet. It has 2 apples - not bad for a tree about 2 feet tall. Sounds great!

    Toka was a real surprise. I'm so glad it grew. Probably the only way I'll ever get to eat one.

    We cant grow regular apricots or apriums here either. The late frost kills them. Now I have an excellent substitute. Assuming it continues to grow :-)

  3. Vincent.11:30 PM

    Sound really good, I just bought 1 Toka from Home Depot as well
    can't wait for to taste the fruit. Vincent from north Seattle.