Sunday, August 24, 2014

Garden Harvest. Bud Grafts. 8.23.14

Garden Harvest 8.23.14
Not much chance to garden this weekend.  All work via internet.

But here are the items Ning picked in the kitchen garden, raised beds.

Really nice.  We have a bunch of zucchini already.  I like the yellow supper squash better.

I did remove polyethylene tape from a few of the 3 weeks old bud grafts.  They look pretty good in general.  On some, the buds are hard to see, on others the buds are large and plump.  A couple might not have taken, but most are promising.  Also on the lilac that I budded.


  1. what beautiful bountiful harvest! Colorful stuff suppose to have lots of vitamins in them. I've lots of cherry tomato but it took forever for them to rip because SF summer have yet to come.

  2. Lance, thanks. I hope you get lots of cherry tomatoes!