Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dendrobium Nobile in Bloom. 8.10.14

Dendrobium nobile 8.10.14
This Yamamoto-type Dendrobium nobile has been outside on the North side of the house.  I water it about once weekly or when I remember.  I noted buds last week.  Pretty nice.  This one is around 10 years old.


  1. gorgeous!!! I love orchids but have not kept one for that longtime. I've hundreds of orchids kept outside. Hard to get them to bloom but when they do its wonderful.

  2. These Dendrobium nobile hybrids are really easy. I bought the first plants at Trader Joe's, quite a few years ago. They bloom reliably a couple of times a year, and keep getting more and more lush. I like them much more than Phaelenopsis. I would love to grow more Oncidium type but they are a bit more fussy.