Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fruit Update. 8.10.14

Fruit Bowl 8/10/14

Mulberries, Green gage plums, Shiro Plums, Hollywood Plums, and the first of the Oregon Curl Free peaches.  My bowl runneth over.  There are also blackberries but I ate all of them.


  1. Green gage is my favorite for eating. Blackberry is heavy yielding this yr and delicious as well. I made a doz jar of jam with it. (no seeds) I think at the farmer's market
    for an 8 oz jar is $8 with seeds.

  2. Lance blackberries are so invasive here, all you have to do is miss pruning them out and you get a big patch in a few months. They are so good.

    Almost every fruit I eat in the yard is my favorite. Each in its own moment. The best food ever is your own fruit out of your own yard, sun ripened and just off the tree.