Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fig Cuttings. Seedlings. Progress Report. 1.21.14

Carini fig start
 This is the plant start progress report for figs, peppers, and okra.

The little Carini start is growing nicely.  This was a low branch with a piece of root pictured previously.  I was concerned about whether that tree survived the hard freeze.  This start is alive.  So I think that means the tree is alive too.  At least the base.  So  I have a backup in case the tree died.  Also optimism that the tree didn't die.  Even if the top is frost killed, it might grow back more quickly from roots, than I could get from a new cutting.

Dominick Fig start

Plant starts under the light Jan 21 2014
 The Dominick cuttings are growing nicely.  This is the largest and fastest.  As in others, cuttings with no terminal bud grew faster than cuttings with a terminal bud.

MacOol fig cutting

Red Portugal pepper seedlings
 The collection under lights.  Now on a 14-hour timer.

Baby Bubba Okra seedling
MacOol cutting.  From a generous fig forum member.  This was a small cutting.  Possibly the variety is less vigorous, as well.  Roots growing nicely.  The top is not growing yet.  I potted it today, with the top under the lights.  Maybe that will stimulate top growth.

Red Portugal pepper seedlings.  They look nice.  The Tabasco peppers had lower germination, only 2 and of those only one looks vigorous.  not as much as these.

Okra seedlings.  They don't look happy about their situation.  This method might not work for them.  Will continue to care for them.  This is "Baby Bubba".


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5xx9bq81Ak :D

  2. This reminds me, I'm starting pepper seedlings now again. The early starts need more attention, but also lead to earlier yield, for me.