Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Orchid Progress Report. Removing and potting a Keikei. Dendrobium in bloom. 1.21.14

keikei before removal

keikei with original stem removed
 This Yamamoto dendrobium had one keikei.  I've been meaning to cut it off and plant it.

Today I did.  It's larger than most of the keikeis I've started.

I cut below and above the attachment site.  I left a small piece of stem, rather than being perfectionist and possibly damaging the keikei.  I let it dry several hours.

Then planted in orchid bark.  Watered it in.  Now back into the window.

This is so easy.  This orchid is about as tough as a cactus.  It does not need a humidity chamber.

I tried not to damage roots but did damage a couple.  I think it will be OK.
Planted in orchid bark
Dendrobium in bloom
It needed to be propped up.  The rubber bands and clothes pin were all I had on hand.

The blooming dendrobium was pure white, with green center, when it bloomed before.  I think.  This time there is a pink blush.

I leave the old stems in the plant.  It looks more artistic that way.  It shows I've had the plant a while, not bought yesterday at the store.

This one survived a few months when I was sick.  Almost no care.. Left it outside, east side of house.  Brought it in before frost.  Tough plant.  I like it.

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  1. Michela10:55 AM

    Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog, and I just love it! I also have a veggie patch and mini orchard, cared for garden, succulents (I am crazy about them) and a few orchids that I care for as if they were my babies, all in sunny South Africa. I love your posts on different topics, thank you! Nice to find like minded people. Michela.