Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fig Cuttings. Progress Report. 1.25.14

1st Carini cutting to root.  Start 1-11-14.
 The Carini cuttings are rooting nicely.  At 13 days, I've potted the most rooted one in seed starting medium.  That cutting does not have visible bud swelling.  Could be a false start.  I will keep it in the warm indoor nursery, but not waste lighting space for it.

The other 2 Carini cuttings are making lots of root initials.  One has a approx 5mm long root.  Should be ready to move up into seed starting soil early next week.
Carini cuttings.  Start 1-11-14.

Hardy Chicago Cuttings.  Started 1-18-14
 I try to move into seed starting soil before the roots are long enough for my clumsy fingers to cause damage.

Those labels are becoming illegible.  They are laundry marker Sharpie on re-used plant labels.  I have some compostable disposable picnic knives saved from lunches at work.  They have more absorbent, rougher surface.  Will try one.  I don't know if it will compost itself in situ.  Doubt it.

MacOoL Cutting.  Started 12-24-14
 Hardy Chicago cuttings at 7 days.  Evidence of early root initials.  Buds look healthy.  I don't know if these start so fast because of the variety, or because the cuttings are fresh and haven't traveled through the mail.  Still, I expect about the same speed of growth as the Carinis.

MacOol may be capitalized incorrectly.  This cutting is via generous fig forum member.   Forum is figs4fun.  One of the nicest fora on the internet.

The 2 MacOol cuttings are now at 31 days.  There seem to be more root initials on this cutting.  It also appears to have buds.  The other, now in seed starting medium, is the terminal end.  More roots.  Unsure about the terminal bud.  MacOol was described as one of the best tasting figs of 2002.  Origin, fig collector in Pennsylvania (, cold hardy Syrian fig.  He specializes in family heritage, or ethnic figs that survive in the Pennsylvania climate.  Most offerings are via ebay.  I don't buy from ebay, waiting for him to offer some on his website.
Sicilian White Cuttings.  Started 1-11-14
The Sicilian White fig cuttings show root initials at 14 days.  One 1mm root.  There are round buds, good. 

There may be more than one type of "Sicilian White".  This was also offered by a fig forum member after I sent cuttings from Smith.  The ends were rough cut, and looked susceptible to fungal or bacterial infection, so I cut back with sharp pruners to fresh wood.  Now looking good.

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