Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sauerkraut. 12.21.13

Making Sauerkraut
It's not gardening outside.  But making sauerkraut is a way to grow something - lactic acid bacteria ferment the cabbage and juices to make the sauerkraut.

These are 5 pounds of organic cabbage, finely sliced with 3 tablespoons of coarse seasalt.  Pounded a bit in a big bowl, packed firmly in the jars.  The airlock was via the internet.  I think it's not necessary, having read about other ways to seal the fermenting concoction.  So the other jar has a plastic bag filled with water to seal the top.  I placed in on a plate in case there is overflow.

I miked in a few spoons of kraut and a few spoons of liquid from the last batch, to jump-start the fermentation.

Now it sits for a few days or few weeks in a cool place.

If I can protect them from cabbage worms, rabbits, slugs, and deer, I want to grow cabbages and use my own to make sauerkraut, next year.

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