Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Looking Back. June 1 2013

Heritage Iris Bed #1

Pallida variegata
Looking back at June 1 2013.  Most of the heritage irises and some off the others were blooming.  Most of the heritage irises were in their first season here, so had not established.  This gave me a chance to view the flowers.  I think in their second year most will have more flowers, and they will be larger.  I think some will be clusters of flowers, instead of one stalk per rhizome.

The colors are very impressive.

Looking back, I didn't realize the NOID was so brilliant yellow, and the NOID plicata was so beautiful.

Honorable vs. Sans Souci

Quaker Lady

 Gives me something to look forward to as we move into winter.
Iris flavescens

Iris pallida dalmatica

Pink Bubbles

NOID Yellow from Battleground WA

NOID plicata

NOID plicata

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