Saturday, December 28, 2013

More kitchen garden planning. 12.28.13

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This is a table, template originating from  I edited out the vegetables I don't want, added others, changed for family of 4 to the 2 of us, and made some other changes.

In the raised beds, one row is 4 feet.  A bed is 4ft by 8 ft, a half bed is 4 ft by 4 ft.

Over-planning but have been sick and this makes me feel better.

Beets 1 row Spring + Fall plantings.  Trying again. Protect.
Bush Beans 1½ beds Succession Plant.  Experimenting with varieties.
Pole Beans ½ bed Single Planting.  Northernmost bed due to height.
Carrots 1 row Succession Plantings.  Experiment with varieties.
Swiss Chard 1 row Re-Grows after Harvesting Outer Leaves
Sweet Corn 1 row? If there is room.  Needs deer protection deer.  Needs to be on north side so not shading other plants.
Cucumbers 1 row Single Planting.  Experiment with varieties.  Pickles + fresh.
Mesclun 1 row Spring + Fall Crop for greens.
Lettuce 1 row Succession plantings.
Onions 1 bed Winter onions already planted for winter growth + scallions.
Perennials are June harvest, October re-plant.
Snow Peas 1 row Succession, Spring and Fall plantings
Okra 1 bed Multiple varieties, experiments.  Needs soil warming method.
Garlic 1 bed Already planted.  June harvest, October re-plant.
Sweet + Chili Peppers ½ bed Multiple varieties, some known + some experiments
Winter Squash + Pumpkins 5 hills Outside raised beds due to sprawling vines.  Multiple varieties.
Radishes 1 row Succession Plantings
Summer Squash ½ bed Multiple Varieties.  3 hills.  Bush types.
Tomatoes 1 bed Multiple Varieties. 1 to 2 each.
Turnips 1 row

Spring + Fall plantings.

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