Thursday, December 19, 2013

Arbor Day Foundation Trees. 12.19.13

Crepe Myrtle

File:White-dogwood-tree-sky-spring - West Virginia - ForestWander.jpg
White Dogwood

File:Chinese Rain Trees in Lin Sen Park 20101114.jpg
Golden Rain Tree

File:Eastern Redbud.png
Eastern Redbud

Last summer I joined the Arbor Day Foundation.  As a  bonus, they sent a tree package, which arrived yesterday.

The package contained 6 to 12 inch seedlings of:  Eastern Redbud, Golden Rain Tree, Crepe Myrtle, and White Dogwood.

I heeled them in, in the vegetable bed, pending actual planting.

These were all 6 inches to a foot.  We will plant them along the edges of the property.  Given the small size, they will be movable for a few years if we don't like those locations.

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