Sunday, December 08, 2013

More seeds for Kitchen garden and bee garden.

Another order,

Bean, Dragon's Tongue PKT

Bean, Pencil Pod Golden Wax PKT

Pepper, Hot Portugal PKT

Pepper, Maule's Red Hot PKT

Squash, Golden Zucchini OG

Tomato, Cherokee Purple OG

Tomato, Italian Heirloom PKT

Tomato, Mexico Midget OG PKT

Flower, Four O'Clocks PKT

Flower, Bee's Friend PKT

Flower, Starfire Signet PKT

Sunflower, Titan OG

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All of these are in the "Master Plan".  The garden beds are planned and all but one are built and filled; that last one is built but needs a chicken-wire bottom for moles and to be filled.

The 4 O'clocks are reported as deer and rabbit resistant, and may be a bee forage flower.  Phaseala ("Bee's Friend") is considered a great forage source.  The signet marigolds will be used in companion planting for vegetables.

I have a lot of seeds from last year.  I may try some of those too. 

This helps keep me going until late winter when I can start planting.  Especially cold days like today.

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