Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pawpaw Progress Report. 4.28.16

Pawpaw flower.  4.28.16
Maybe this will be the year of the pawpaw.  The oldest three trees were planted in summer 2012.   Of those, two - "Sunflower" and "NC-1" have / had lots of flowers this year.  A one year old -  tree about 18 inchest tall, "Mango" also had all of 2 flowers, tiny tree size.  even though "Sunflower" was definitely ahead of "NC-1", there has been overlap of both pollen shedding and stamen receptivity for both.  Some of the "Sunflower" flowers were the first, so there was no "NC-1" pollen to pollinate them.  Even so, it looks like those set.  "Sunflower" is considered unusual in that it may be self fertile.

I continue to collect pollen when the anthers are shedding, and transfer to what I perceive to be receptive stigmas on the other tree.  I also transferred some to "Mango" although that one is way to small to think it will bear.
Pawpaw flower.  4.28.16
It looks like some of thepollination took, especially on these first flowers on "Sunflower".

I need to keep my excitement in check.  There are lots of things that can happen between now and Sept or Oct, when I expect these to ripen.  Still, if all of the flowers set fruit, they will need some thinning and good watering for the summer.

I have never tasted my own pawpaw, and have only tasted tiny bites at the Home Orchard Society fruit fair - probably not optimal.  Looking forward to tasting my own pawpaw fruits.
Early fruit formation, Pawpaw "Sunflower".  4.26.16
Early fruit formation, Pawpaw "Sunflower".  4.28.16


  1. These beautiful babies look healthy. I look forward to learning about their developent.

  2. Incredible closed up photos of the early fruit and flowers. The fruit looks like little fingers.

  3. Joan and Lance, I want so much to taste some pawpaws from my yard this year. Not counting on it, but I can't help but get my hopes up when looking at these tinby fruits.