Monday, April 04, 2016

Unknown Soidler from Long Ago. 4.4.16

Unidentified Soldier, early 1900s
From time to time I post photos from my family's photo boxes.  No one is left to tell me who they were.  The photos are unlabeled.  In some cases I process with Picassa, to improve contrast and crop to focus on the soldier.

I wonder if this was the last that family and friends saw this young man.

This soldier looks to me like early 1900s, either WWI or Philipine-American war.


  1. You've touched upon a major source of irritation for me--unlabled photographs. Where was the foresight after these were printed? The same goes for autobiographies or diaries. If only my ancestors wrote stuff down. I'd love to know more about their lives. I had one great grandmother who wrote a short autobio, but that's it. My mother kept a diary all her life--75 years worth from age 10. I treasure it. Of course, I've kept a diary and journal, even an autobio for my descendents. You?

    1. Randy, I don't mind not knowing. Many years ago, my mother labeled the photos for everyone who she could recognise. As for the rest - old friend? Old boyfriend? Is that why my great aunt never married - her boyfriend was killed in war? I am glad you have your mother's diary, that is a treasure and yours is a treasure for your children.

  2. Wow, Daniel, you kind of looks like the guy from the photo. I'm sure if you do a little research on military records, you can dig up some names. From the bushes next to him and the style of the house in the background, where do you think the location of this photo and also where your family have been living?

  3. Royal Canadian Mounted Police