Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ning and the dogs. 4.28.16

I couldn't decide which photo to post so I posted all of them. Charlie (black) is 15, and Baigou (white) is 14. I won't say how old Ning is.


  1. I like the photos of Ning, Charlie, Baigou, and your garden scenes. The arch way looks nice.

    1. Joan, it's a pleasure to live in the country side and be able to grow so many interesting plants.

  2. Ning looks very happy; how can you not be in such a wonderful garden. If you are not asking how old I'm, I'm not going to ask you about your age;-)

  3. Lance, I often feel my years. I earned every ache and pain. As long as I can keep digging, I'll be in the garden. Ning is a pretty happy guy. I don't usually post his gardening efforts, but he enjoys it a lot too. The meadows are all his doing, among other things.