Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Blackberry plants. 4.20.16

Establishing blackberry plant "Columbia Star"  4.20.16
 Most of the blackberry plants are growing.  All 6 of the "Prime Ark Freedom" plants, that were so small when received in the mail, are growing new leaves. 

Of the 3 "Ebony King" plants that I bought at Lowes, as dry bare root plants, one is growing, the other two look alive based on can coloration but no growth yet.

I also bought a potted "Columbia Star" plant a few weeks ago.  That turned out to be a small tissue culture plant that had been placed in a larger container.  That one is also growing.
Establishing blackberry plant "Ebony King".  4.20.16

Establishing blackberry plant "Prime Ark Freedom".  4.20.16

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