Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bearded irises, second wave of flowers. 4.20.16

Now is the second wave of iris flowers, after the extra earlies. Most of these are historic irises. Most of the irises are yet to bloom, but there are many buds. This looks like the best year ever for them. I almost gave up last year, but this Spring makes the effrort worthwhile.

There was a little basal rot this year, but only a fraction of what I had in the past.  The clumps are much larger and many more flower buds, compared to the past.  They are all mulched with arborist chips - I wonder if that helped?  I've always read that irises should not be mulched, but my thought is arborist chips are very open, and might restrict spread of disease.

Iris beds.  4.20.16

Bearded Iris "Alcazar".  Faint fragrance.  4.20.16

Bearded Iris "Her Majesty".  Introduced 1903.  Strong fragrance.  4.20.16

Bearded Iris "Indian Chief".  Intro 1929.  Strong sweet fragrance.  4.20.16

Unknown, was at Battleground property when we bought it.  No fragrance.  4.20.16

Bearded Iris "Pallida dalmatica".  Introduced in 1500s.  Very strong sweet fragrance.  4.20.16

A rebloom of Eleanor Roosevelt.  Introduced 1933.  Fragrant.  4.20.16

Modern Bearded Iris, unknown variety.  Not fragrant.  4.20.16

I think this one is "Autumn circus".  4.20.16

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