Saturday, October 03, 2015

Greens in Container Garden. 10.3.15

Cilantro.  10.3.15

Mixed Greens.  10.3.15
 Greens, planted late summer, now eating regularly.  Most are doing well.

Radishes look like they might be woody.

I should thin the turnips.

I'm not as crazy about eating the Swiss Chard, as I am about growing them.
Spring Scallions and Turnips.   10.3.15

Chinese Greens and Cilantro.  10.3.15

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  1. Great looking pots of greens. Even those that don't taste all that good make great compost material. My Kohlrabi became bitter and like chewing on a piece of wood. Also, the deer ate all the leaves and none of the bulbs. So, into the compost tumbler they go.