Sunday, October 04, 2015


 Since I did not know which squashes would do well, I planted multiple varieties.  Pumpkins are just orange round squashes. 

No use growing all one type when it's so easy to sample all sorts.

I did not know the summer would be so hot.  Expecting cool climate, I started the squash plants indoors, and planted when the soil was warm.  In order to keep the soil warm, I did not mulch.   I did not get them all into the ground as quickly as i wanted, and some were delayed.  But most did very well.

All can be cooked in similar ways.  We usually roast them.  Some can be baked to soften, then puree for pies.  My favorite last year was Waltham butternut squash, made into pie.  I do have one of those that is not yet ripe.

I like just looking at them.

The largest was Pink Banana Squash.  18 pounds.

Ning is holding a Pink Banana Squash, and a Long Island Cheese Pumpkin.  Expect some taste testing this winter.

No use saving seeds from these.   Most are cross pollinated, most by Zucchinis which had the most male flowers.  I might grow one or two for novelty but with the cross pollination, none are expected to be true next year.

Still, a squash is a squash.  So I would expect any to be edible, even if they look strange.


  1. What fun! And what a variety. I had no luck with squashes this year. Don't know why. Melons either. Must be the soil.

  2. Randy, I think what did it for me was being generous with nitrogen fertilizer. I applied several times during spring and early summer. That gave vigorous vines, big green leaves. I also hand-pollinated, which may have helped.

  3. What splendid scenes, Ning, with pink banana squash and the photo of the many varieties. I agree, squash love nitrogen fertilizer and I give several side dressings of well-rotted manure throughout the season and lots of water. We mostly enjoy the young zucchini and pattypan varieties. I know I will have to protect the raised beds from deer next summer. I didn't plant any at Laura's this year. The one zucchini very quickly had all the leaves chewed off and several sized deer tracks around it. Larry tells me the day will come when I will hate the deer. That hasn't happened so far.

  4. Ohhh what joy! Colorful pumpkins. It looks too good to eat. I missed the pumpkin season altogether because I got distracted by the Sharkfin melon. Did you post pumpkin seedlings? I must have forgotten otherwise I wouldn't be seating here being pumpkinless........Pumkin pie is a great idea.

  5. Why did I wait so long to grow them? I love watching them grow and produce!

    Joan, maybe all you need is a fishnet over them. Years ago my dad taught me how to knot a fishnet, but I forget now. Deer did not bother my vines until a couple weeks ago. Now they are eating everything they can.

    Lance, i probably posted the pumpkin seedlings as squashes, since pumpkins are just round, orange squashes snd evev interbreed with them.

    I treated the squashes and pumpkins exactly the same. Already looking at Baker Creek online for next year, plus I have a lot of seeds left over.