Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sedum propagation. 10.4.15

Sedum propagation.  10.4.15
I'll add more photos from my home computer.  This one is at Battleground.

All of the large-plant sedum stem cuttings that I took 8.18.15 have taken root and grown.  So it's roughly 6 weeks.  They also have flower buds and growth of new stems from the base.  This is true for the green-leaf and red-leaf types.

Very cool.   For almost no effort, and from 2 original stems cut into shorter pieces,  I now have a half dozen new sedum plants.

Two of the leaf cuttings have grown roots.  It will take longer to see if they will grow.  most of the leaf cuttings died.

UPDATE:  These are the other sedum cuttings.  Again, these are large - type sedums.  Some are the type sold as "Autumn Joy".    For the smaller sedums, all that is needed is cut off a bunch of pieces with a pair of scissors, insert the cut end into some soft soil, and treat them like seedlings with a little water and weeding.  I've never had a sedum not-grow from that type of cutting.

More sedum cuttings.  10.6.15
 It's interesting to see that some of the cuttings produced more terminal stems, then flowers.  That is even though these are pieces that I cut from the original, long stem, and potted up each one.  And they all have little plants growing around the base of the cuttings.

The plan is that, once winter sets in, keep these in a sheltered place during the coldest weather, and plant in the bee border late Winter / early Spring.


  1. I started with one 'Autumn Joy' Sedum several years ago and took cuttings. All grew into beautiful plants all through the garden. I don't protect them during winter season and they come back every year. The cuttings I brought to Laura's all died. She doesn't seem to have a green thumb and just about everything I brought up over the years died, probably because of lack of water. Now that I am tending the garden, all my cuttings grow to be healthy plants. It is colder at Laura's than at my Spokane garden. I am eager to see what survives the winter.

  2. Joan, i learn so much from you! I will plant the sedum starts in the perennial bee borders, once the annuals are killed by frost to make room. I read this could be a mild winter - we will see.