Thursday, April 02, 2015

Seed starting. 4.2.15

Seed Starting.  4.2.15
Much as I wanted to use recycled or recyclable containers, such as little paper cups, I didn't have the energy.  This setup with very thin walled plastic 6-packs, for 72 seedlings, was inexpensive.  I've planted tomato seeds from last winter's order, and peppers, some basil, and some marigolds.  More to follow.

I also placed okra seeds and four o'clock seeds in cups of water to soak for a day.  I can plant the seeds tomorrow night.

It's still too early for a lot of types of seeds. 


  1. A big seed tray saved time. I've a big tray of sunflowers that I gave out today at the community garden meeting. I also pass out bean seeds. Its time to start summer seeds. I've put tomato in the ground. Its very cold still at night and last night I saw the total eclipse of the moon. I hope you are doing well.

  2. Lance, yes, these seed trays are really helpful.

    You are way ahead of me with tomatoes! Mine are just sprouting from seeds. If we start too early, they are supposedly stunted by the cold. They grow fast, and usually I start about April 15, so they are right on time.