Sunday, April 26, 2015

Colors today. 4.26.15

Meadowfoam.  Limnanthes douglasii  4.26.15

Mountain Ash.  Sorbus aucuparia.  4.26.15

Ning's flowers.   4.26.15

Shan Xha.  Crataegus pinnatifida.  4.27.15

Ning's Tree Peony.  4.27.15

Crimson Maple.  4.27.15

Viburnum opulus "Sterile".  4.27.15

Lilac "Bloomerang"

Meadowfoam.  Limnanthes douglasii

Mulberry "Illinois Everbearing"

Persimmon "Saijo"


  1. I just rooted 2 viburnum cuttings. I have been trying to propagate them for yrs but finally. They are sort of like hydrangeas very nice. I have a camassia too but I stuck that in a pot and didn't bloom. I guess I should let it go wild. Those peony is to die for so beautiful. Spring blooms are so generous and wonderful. Thank you for letting me see that, I don't think they will grow here. Its been a hectic week with jury duty, and looking at the flowers is like walking in the park very nice.

  2. That's excellent. I have not tried rooting viburnums. I do have some that put out suckers, so have a source for more.

    I really enjoy the peonies too. Plus, deer and rabbits don't eat them. The tree peonies are complicated to propagate - they are grafted on herbaceous peony stock. I don't know how that is done.

    I hope the jury duty goes well. I have never done that.