Thursday, April 02, 2015

Peaches have set. 4.2.15

Genetic Dwarf Peach Set.  El Dorado  4.2.15
Peaches have set on the containerized El Dorado peach tree.  It looks like there could be a big bowl of peaches from this tree.  That's all I need.

I kept it out of the rain all winter, under the eaves, north of the house.  Looks like it worked  - I don't see any leaf curl at all.


  1. Nice fruit load on your peach. The one I've at home have tons of flowers and already set fruit but its not as far along as yours. Community garden peach still flowering but little fruit setting because of lack of pollinator.

  2. The rain which is much needed have finally arrived this is only the second good rain we got all winter and the plants really responded. Grafts and cuttings have perked up. Newly planted veg seedlings have grown leaps and bounds. The apple grafts that I thought didn't take is awaken by the rain. Arkansas Black and Court Pendu Plat have green growth. Winter Nelis, Superfin Beurre have mature leaves while the Bartlett stock have just start to flower and dormant leaves have not yet emerge.
    Now the next worry is compatibility. I've never graft multi known variety on top of each other. In my previous apple farmer days, I only graft on stocks. The fuji on honey crisp looks too robust. Honey crisp can't catch up to the big fuji graft. This tree will look very uneven and top heavy. I can only prune and make it look better.
    A very bad drought and practically no rain will fall until Oct/Nov. I've loaded up mulch to dress my fruit trees. I bet you won't have this problem where you are. You have to worry about the opposite.

  3. Thanks Lane for the progress report. Do you use greywater? Is that legal in your area? The mulch would be my thought too.

    I think the pear scion flowering is not an issue, although I would remove the setting fruit. I don't know if a new graft can hold the weight of the fruit. You are right, a scion that is more vigorous than others will need more pruning.

    Here in the Spring it can rain so much everything gets damp-related diseases - fungal leaf spot, fire blight. I'm trying to select resistant variieties. In summer, it stays dry, often for months.