Thursday, April 09, 2015

Time to thin genetic dwarf peaches. 4.9.15

Peaches after thinning.  4.9.15  El Dorado genetic dwarf.
Today I used a kitchen scissors to thin the peaches on the containerized El Dorado genetic dwarf peach tree.  I removed about 90% of new peaches.  Looking at the photo I probably should remove just a couple more.  They are growing fast.  This is awesome - my first genetic dwarf peaches with no leaf curl. 

The genetic dwarf peaches have very short internodes, so can be left closer together compared to normal-length internode peaches.  It's not the distance, so much as how many leaves are needed to support each leaf. 

This article states that 30 to 45 leaves are needed per peach for the best production.  That is not on genetic dwarf peaches, which tend to have smaller fruit.  I don't know when it needs to be 30 to 45 leaves - early or near harvest.    I need to find some more articles - that # of leaves seems like much more than I recall.

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