Saturday, April 25, 2015

Honeybee swarm. 4.25.15

Honeybee swarm.  4.25.15
 Ning got excited when the honeybees were swarming.  Neither of us had ever seen that phenomenon before.

The swarm settled in a horsechestnut tree.  I don't know how to entice them into hives.  I sat a Warre hive and a top bar hive near the tree to see if they would be interested.  I added some crushed lemon balm leaves.  I read they are attracted to lemon grass, but I don't have any around.  A also sat a small dish of sugar water in the hive and another one near the hive.

As of this post, a few have buzzed around the hive entrance, but none have ventured inside.


  1. you need the Piped Piper of Hamelin to get them inside your bee hive.

  2. When I checked the next day, they were gone. :-(

    I will be picking up a shipment of a new colony next weekend. Need to have the hive ready.