Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fig Cuttings. 12.23.14

Botanical - A curious herbal - Fruit - Ficus (The Fig Tree) p125
Image via vintageprintable.com

Today I started a few fig cuttings.  These were from a fig forum member in Marshall TX.  Celeste and LSU Gold.

Soon I will be packaging cuttings for fig forum members as well.

 No energy...

I also planted in the ground, a clump if Chives, and a rosemary plant.  Those I had out a month ago when putting a walk way through the middle of my border.   They've been sitting out of the ground.  They don't look stressed by the experience.

I also planted a red current bush.

 Pulled a few weeds.

Trimmed a few plum branches.

Nothing much.

Gardening in late December.

Still some hard freezes ahead, I'm sure.


  1. yesterday was the first cold spell we have. Hope your Christmas is cozy
    and happy. I know you've already gotten a pair of useful boots. My other half have given me another set of gophenator. I've lost my last one; I guess the gopher ran off with it. I dug for days but it must have went under the fence and into next door's private property. I strongly doubt that they will let me dig into their immaculate grounds. I've never seen current yields well here. I know its been banned because of the white pine virus.
    In the dry breeze, the soil finally have a chance to drain. I dug some compost into the blackberry patch. Cut off dead canes from this yr and tie them up against the fence. Started some flame red grape cuttings, rock purslane cuttings, all these hard work makes me hungry, went to one of my favorite Chinese restaurant and ordered the fry flounder, seafood chow mein and chicken wonton soup.

  2. Sounds to me like a perfect Christmas!