Sunday, December 21, 2014

Perfect Gardener's Gift. 12.21.14

Muck Boots.  12.21.14
This was a gift from me, to me.  I saw them on another gardening website.  I did not write down which one.

I've been wearing neoprene winter boots.  They crack, I repair them, they crack, I repair them.  I've used bicycle inner tube repair kits, and duct tape, and Gorilla tape.  They just crack and leak again.  Water soaks in.  My feet and socks are muddy and soaked.  I also wear hiking boots.  The water soaks in and my feet are again, muddy and soaked.

First wearing, these Muck boots were awesome.  Sturdy, thick, nice lining, comfortable, warm.  I can't promise they won't crack, but they seem a lot better made.

I love the Pacific Northwest.  I hope the boots will help me love it more.


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    I own a pair of the Arctic Sport for up here in Montana. 3 years running and no cracks! They are also supper warm. I wear them with no socks when ice fishing had my feet stay perfectly warm. Best winter/muddy boots I've ever owned.

  2. Those boots look wonderful, extremely useful in the rainy winters. My feet doesn't like boots it gets hot unless its cold outside.

  3. These will get tested thoroughly for the next few years. I'm not crazy about boots in general but muddy soggy socks get old on me! These turned out to be very comfortable and warm the first day out!