Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Hollywood Plum Cuttings. 12.9.14

Hollywood Plum Cuttings, Root Growth.  12.9.14

Hollywood Plum Saplings.  12.9.14
Today I dug up the remaining Hollywood Plum cuttings.  These were hardwood cuttings taken, I think, in April.  They were treated with rooting hormone then stuck into the soil in the tomato bed.  They did not receive any special treatment, other than what the tomatoes needed.

I did the same with Shiro plum.  None grew.  And with an ornamental quince - not sure if any grew, need to check again.

I potted them up.  I don't know what I will do with 6 new plum trees.  Two have bud grafts of Shiro.  It's a wait until Spring to see if those take.


  1. Wow a nice collection of new plants.
    Sometimes it depends on the variety if the cutting will root well. I've done a lot of roses. For some varieties it's very vigorous and root and flower the same yr but for others they root poorly and even if it root it can die a yr later after rooting. So budding and grafting is the only way for those hard to root varieties. I've never rooted plum, I've no idea that I can, maybe I'll try it this yr.

    Yeah, I've been moving compost and doing a lot of soil improvement now since the rain have come. Have been looking at catalogs to order seeds too. Who said there's nothing to do in winter?

  2. Now I'm curious to see what else I can root via cuttings or air layering. Maybe make some new fruit trees or shrubs in late winter or Spring.

    I've had good luck with roses, for the most part, too. Like you say, some are more vigorous than others.