Saturday, July 19, 2014

First figs of the season. Fig Progress Report. 7.19.14

Lattarula First Figs.  7.19.14

Lattarula.  7.19.14

Petite Aubique.  7.19.14
 These are some of the figs in the Vancouver yard.  The first of the season is Lattarula.   I might have left them one more day, but still very sweet.

Petite Aubique / Petite negri is close behind.  Lots of main crop forming too.

Hardy Chicago, not pictured.  No brebas but main crop growing fast.

Growing on the deck, the Smith in its second year, as well as starts of Dominick and Carini, each 2 feet tall, with start of baby figs.  On deck Lattarula cutting now grown to 2.5 feet tall.

Battleground figs to follow.  They show some promise too.
Smith.  First fig.  7.19.14

Dominick. First Figs.  7.19.14

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